no smoke without fire 
jack daniels comes together with jack daniels fire and lemon giving you a refreshing citrus and cinnamon take on a whiskey sour.
berry tame affair
amaretto, cherry heering, chambord, cranberry and lime all come together to create a drink that is wonderfully fruity and very pretty to look at! (warning has egg).
manchester bee
bombay sapphire, drambuie along with honey and lemon coming together with lavender bitters, a real 'bees knees' of a cocktail.
southern berry
gentleman jack, passoa topped with fresh raspberries.
a tiki classic: bacardi, bacardi gold, apricot brandy and a splash of pineapple juice with added fire.  
mai tai 
bacardi, cointreau, pineapple juice, fresh lime topped with cranberry juice and a flaming passion fruit.
long island iced tea 
tequila, eristoff vodka, bacardi, triple sec, gin and a splash of coke and lemon.
apple of my eye
ciroc green apple, shaken with lemon juice and  fresh apple then topped with prosecco to give you a wonderfully apple-y experience.


like parma violets? well this is the drink for you. bombay sapphire shaken with violet liqueur, maraschino liqueur and lemon juice. it is also served with a packet of parma violets for you to enjoy with your drink!
tom collins
pssst, did you know tom collins has been saying something about you? well that’s how this cocktail supposedly got its name! bombay sapphire, lemon juice, sugar syrup all topped with soda.


a new orleans classic, dating back to when the french first went over to new orleans. our version sees hennessy and bulleit rye stirred down with brown sugar and peychauds bitters served in the signature absinthe rinsed glass.
lynchburg lemonade
an american smokehouse classic sees jack daniels coming together with cointreau, lemon juice,  sugar syrup and lemonade!


espresso martini
eristoff vodka shaken with freshly brewed espresso, vanilla syrup and a hint of chocolate. for those moments when you need a caffeine hit. also available in decaf.
pornstar martini
grey goose vodka shaken with passoa, pineapple juice, lemon and vanilla syrup to create what we all know and love about the pornstar martini... and of course it is served with a shot of prosecco!
a classic in its own right, bacardi superior, mint, lime and sugar muddled and churned to give a refreshing yet crisp drink. 
* ask your bar tender for various options passionfruit or strawberry mojito, or even a mojito royal by replacing the soda top with prosecco!
bacardi superior shaken briskly with lime and sugar to give you a tangy yet balanced drink. also available in passionfruit or strawberry and blended just ask your bartender/waitress.
chocolate martini
a chocolate treat for all you chocoholics...bacardi nero with mozart chocolate liqueur and double cream to give an indulgent sin that you really do deserve, topped off with a chocolate finger.
this tequila classic sees patrón silver shaken with cointreau, lime and sugar syrup. also available in strawberry and passionfruit and blended, just notify your bartender/waitress of your preference.
mexican cosmo
not just your average cosmopolitan but our special 
version with patrón silver and cointreau mixed 
with lime and cranberry...outstanding!
kir royale
crème de cassis meets prosecco for our very berry fizzy favourite.
aperol spritz
aperol, prosecco topped with soda.




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